Stay with a family

If you are planning to visit Prague with your family we would suggest the apartments withín our Hunger Wall Residence. We are not that strong in accommodation larger groups of people, we focus more on couples and single people, but if there is any of our attic Executive Suites available we are sure your family will be satisfies. There is also an option of adding an extra bed or baby cot to our Junior and Superior Suites.

The Executive Suites with size of around 90 sqm are as mentioned under the roof and they have two levels. So there is a separate bedroom and sleeping gallery which is just fine for the kids.

An example of Executive Suite can be seen here.

Hunger Wall Residence is also a perfect option if you are going to move to Prague with your family for long term and need a base for searching the ideal house or flat. For the long term accommodation you can check on our other apartment houses if you will not find what you are looking for. The largest family apartments are available in the Křižíkova 115 apartment house.

Plaská 615/8
150 00 Praha 5 - Malá Strana

Křižíkova 488/115
186 00 Praha 8 - Karlín

Zenklova 1230/185
182 00 Praha 8 - Libeň

Březinova 453/24
186 00 Praha 8 - Karlín